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Available Services for Your Home Care Needs

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At Asayish Comfort Care, we do not only assist clients on their activities of daily living, we also help them develop life skills that will enable them to eventually have some level of independence. Everything starts with a thorough evaluation of the unique needs of the client and their family. Then, we plan management strategies based on our situational assessment. Our main goals are to ensure safety and provide comfort to the client and their family but our services encompass even their needs outside their home.

Our staff can perform household tasks to keep your family life smooth-sailing, without you worrying about your loved one with disability being left alone at home. Our core service is the provision of assistance to the activities of daily living of clients with disabilities such as in personal hygiene, feeding and ambulation. We help them perform activities that will physically and mentally stimulate them. We believe that keeping them active and out of bed for the most part of the day will give them a sense of normalcy and satisfaction towards life. 

Our approach to client care is gradual, so we ensure that our staff are skilled and able to adjust to various home settings. As much as possible, we encourage our clients and their families to employ the same person for the whole course of their contract with us. Establishing a long-term relationship between the caregiver and client with special needs improves care outcomes. 

The main recipient of our home care services is the family member with disability, but we involve the whole family and the immediate community in participating with their daily activities. We want to establish a home environment for the client that is safe and conducive for living with minimal assistance. Because of this, we may ask their families to conduct some home renovations such as the installation of wheelchair ramps and wall railings for the client’s convenience in moving around the house. As for the community level, we may take the client outside the home to enjoy public amenities in the community such as parks and malls. Just like everyone else, they also need to be exposed to other people and socialize to a wide network of people for their mental health and positive disposition.

We also include simple exercise regimens that are doable for the client and activities that they will enjoy such as reading, board games and watching videos. Once their abilities in life skills are established, we may proceed to teaching them perform simple household chores like sweeping the floor, setting the table during meals, dusting off surfaces or arranging small displays in the living area.  These chores are simple and will not compromise their safety, and at the same time make them feel useful around the house. Being able to look after themselves and help out in the house are goals that may take a long time to establish but Asayish Comfort Care providers will help your loved one with disability achieve such level of home living. 

And the best part? Our service fees can be co-paid or totally shouldered by the government through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We will also help you process your application if you are yet to avail this type of assistance. Asayish Comfort Care offers holistic services because we want to change the life of those living with disability for the better!