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Busting Myths About People With Disabilities


There is a way people with disabilities are viewed in society. This is primarily because of myths and untrue statements that have become the mainstream opinions and ideas about people with disabilities. Some of them were started of mere assumptions or sympathy. But they have become the face through which people with disabilities are seen. Let’s bust some of those myths. 

 Disabilities Define The Individual 

This is a very common one. People tend to believe that a person’s disability is all that they are. Have you ever heard of blind Bartimaeus? Yes, all we ever knew about him was that he was blind. People assume that the disability is all the characters there is to the person. This is wrong. People with disabilities are just “people”  with disabilities. Take away the disabilities and they are still people just like everyone. They have hopes, fear, dreams, and aspirations just like everyone. Can we quit calling them by their disabilities? 

People with disabilities are always  Sick And Experience Constant Pain

People tend to think that having a disability is a life of constant pain and sickness. This is far from the truth. People with disabilities aren’t always sick. Some of them are healthier than most people who do not have any kind of disability. A disability isn’t necessarily defined by sickness and pain. That’s a false narrative 

People With Disabilities Should Be Treated Differently From Others 

People always want to treat people with disabilities differently from others because they feel they cannot cope. They do not expect them to achieve as much as regular people can hence the segregation. This doesn’t help people with disabilities and it is not true either. People with disabilities are doing great things all around the world. Sadie Kane is blind but has completed a marathon in every continent in the world: her blindness didn’t kill her endurance. Max parks hold the world record for solving the 6x6x6 rubric the fastest: His autism didn’t stop him. People with disabilities can do great things too. 

People Cannot Do Anything For Themselves: They Always Need Help 

This is untrue. If anything is true, it is that people with disabilities love to be independent and do things by themselves. They are not helpless dependants. Sometimes, helping a disabled person can be seen as demeaning and looking down on them as being unable to help themselves. Deep down in the heart of every disabled person is a desire to make an impact by contributing. 

People With Disabilities Cannot Live A Fulfilling And Productive Life

Some people believe (even people with disabilities) that having or developing a disability is some sort of life imprisonment in nothingness and obscurity. This is not through. A disability is not the end of the world. People with disabilities are still living happily and reaching the goals they have set for themselves.  Persons with disabilities can achieve anything that they want to achieve if they would only try. 


There you have it. People with disabilities are better defined beyond their disabilities and every myth or assumption about them. Change the way you view them today and make the world a more equal and better place.