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Asayish Comfort Care

How to Make Your House Home-Care-Ready


Hiring a home care service provider like Asayish Comfort Care is only halfway to ensuring a successful home care for your loved one with disability. In order for them to ease into the management and daily care of our staff, we initially have to prepare your home set-up. Because the safety and comfort of our client is our priority, we modify your home into a place where disability will not hinder your loved one from performing their activities of daily living. 

Our home care focuses on assisting clients with disability and to help them eventually become independent in doing life skill activities like bathing, eating and ambulating. Being able to do these things will create some level of normalcy in their life and give security to their families knowing that they can take care of themselves when left on their own at home. But this ultimate task will take time and Asayish Comfort Care will guide and assist you every step of the way. We only ask for your collaboration and cooperation in providing the appropriate equipment and supplies to make your home conducive for home care.

Home modifications may include installing wheelchair ramps, bathroom railings or bedside commode and wall railings around the house where the client can hold for support when walking. We will also clear all the living areas of clutter, especially the floor, which can cause the client to trip or fall. In order to prevent the client from walking too far to get their necessary supplies like towels, change of clothes and hygiene, we will place a table near their bed where everything they will need for the day is accessible. It is also wise to provide a phone for them to use in times of emergency or if a need for urgent care arises. Along with this, the list of important numbers like that of family members, doctors and emergency hotlines must be placed somewhere readily visible. Better yet, you can save these important numbers to their phone if what you will give them is a cellphone. 

Once all the needed equipment and supplies are in place, our staff will come in to provide care and assistance to your loved one with special needs. We will gradually help them develop self-care routines and exercises in order to strengthen them physically. Once they are able to ambulate for longer distances, we will help them acquaint with the immediate community outside their home by going with them in the nearest park or other communal areas. In times when the client needs to travel, our staff can also go with them if their services are required. However, the client and their family will have to pay for all the travel-related expenses.

Acquiring home care service does not only entail preparation for home modifications. The client’s family also needs to make room for a new person into their life, the home care provider who will work with them for the safety and comfort of their loved one. Working with home care providers like Asayish Comfort Care is a long-term contract so the client and their family should be prepared for collaborative care and ultimately, for a better and more convenient life for everyone at home.