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Asayish Comfort Care

Supported Independent Living



Living independently is the normal way of life for adults, and some form of this normalcy can be made possible for persons with disability through SIL or support independent living. This type of service for persons afflicted by permanent or long-term disability is covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), with specifications that applicants must consult when developing their plan for application to the National Disability Independent Agency, the institution in-charge of implementing the NDIS programs.

Asayish Comfort Care is accredited by NDIS catering to the needs of applicants and their families in order to make their transition to independent living gradual and effective. Clients may plan their care based on what is funded by NDIS such as housing, equipment, home modifications and employment of caregivers. The approval of which services will be paid for by NDIS will be decided upon by the NDIA based on their evaluation of the patient’s disability and immediate needs

. During the application process, the disabled person or their family needs to submit pertinent documents and other proof of their disability and perceived needed services. Seeking assistance from a chosen service provider or local area coordinator in making the plan will greatly help in determining the services that can be availed for NDIS coverage.

The SIL program can enable persons with disability to afford housing services if they opt to live on their own. They may ask the service provider to find their ideal home, one that is near to their family or to amenities that will keep their daily living comfortable and convenient. However, some may choose to stay with their family and avail of home modifications and equipment funding. While on the process of developing their life skills such as self-care and simple chores they can easily and safely perform. Experienced NDIS service providers like Asayish Comfort Care can smoothly facilitate different forms of assistance that the clients and their family may require.

The ultimate goal of supported independent living is to enable persons with disability to perform activities of daily living independently such as bathing, eating, ambulating and other actions that will make them functional. Achieving this goal is a long process that involves a well-planned set of interventions such as initially employing the assistance of at-home caregivers to help them learn the necessary life skills until they can already manage on their own. Here at Asayish Comfort Care, safety is a priority so the process to SIL may take weeks or months until the client is surely able to perform life skills without a threat to their well-being. 

Providers also take care of necessary home modifications and equipment covered by the NDIS funding in order to make the transition to SIL effective. With their disability being permanent, it is understandable that clients may still require caregiving assistance at times. Competent service providers understand and anticipate such situations and can assure clients prompt response time.

Supported independent living program requires a long-term contract between clients and service providers. It is therefore important to choose NDIS-certified service providers such as Asayish Comfort Care in order to guarantee that the NDIS funding is appropriately allocated to the identified existing needs of the client. The SIL program is an assistance from the government that should be maximized by people with disability because the program is meant to ensure their safety, comfort and quality of life.