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Asayish Comfort Care




Let’s admit it. Taking care of a family member with disability can be stressful and can make one feel drained sometimes. You don’t have to if you and your loved one with special needs are empowered through undergoing therapies that will help you de-stress and feel refreshed. We offer a variety of anti-stress therapies for both persons with disability and their carers. 

We have Counseling Therapy, Stress Management and Relaxation Program, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching for family members and friends living with loved ones with disability. Daily home life can be manageable especially with our company’s home assistance services. However, it’s undeniable that there will be moments of weariness and frustration because setting a routine with a family member requiring special care is both physically and mentally taxing. Our company employs psychologists and trained professionals in related fields to provide appropriate therapies based on our assessment on what you or your family needs. 

We conduct individual or group counseling sessions where you can express your personal, social and psychological problems and difficulties. During this time, you can verbalize your frustrations and worries because it is not healthy to have them bottled up inside. Our trained staff may offer some advice if they think you need it. Otherwise, we will just provide you a safe zone where you can tell what’s on your mind without being judged or told what to do. 

Knowledge is power. Let us educate you on the nature of stress and how you can manage it. You can develop individual or group resilience through natural remedies and mindfulness strategies, which we will teach you to develop within yourself and in your workplace. Happy individuals make a happy group so let us help you fight stress alone and with your immediate network of people. Our Coaching Program can further add to your empowerment towards life’s inconveniences and challenges. Furthermore, our program focused on Mindfulness will be starting soon.

Lastly, our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a treatment method for your existing mental health issues. Our interventions include improving emotional regulation, developing coping strategies and changing unhelpful cognitive behavior. We aim to make you resilient in performing the roles of a nurturer to your loved ones with special needs, by strengthening and improving your mental health. Let us work together to fight the stress and mental challenges that come with living with disability within our family. 

Simple Process

Counselling Therapy

If you need a place to talk about the problems you encounter due to disability, we offer such a safe and confidential space. Our counsellors listen and encourage you to open up, making it easier to uncover the root of the problem. Sessions are also tailored to each individual and can happen in various ways:


Face to Face

If you would love a more emotional and expressive session, you can make an appointment to see one of our counsellors in person.


One on one

A one on one session with a counsellor online or in person. This is effective if you prefer a more private session.


Group Counselling

If you are comfortable with discussing your issues in a group headed by a counsellor, then this method will suit you.


Telephone Counselling

If you are too busy to have a face to face session, a telephone session is one of the alternatives you could consider.


Online Counselling

Online counselling offers the opportunity of having virtual sessions where you can meet with your counsellor using chats, emails, video calls etc.

Stress Management 

In stress management, you would learn how to handle stress and manage it to help yourself have a more productive lifestyle.

Relaxation Program

These programs are aimed at creating an opportunity for carers, families and friends to shift their attention away from all the work and maintain a more balanced lifestyle

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is aimed at helping people in identifying and changing destructive or disturbing thinking patterns that negatively affect behaviour and emotions. Through this method, you can handle emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression. Using CBT, these negative thoughts can be isolated, challenged, and replaced with more positive ones. 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is available to help inspire cares to reach for their goals in the various ramifications of life.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation go hand in hand. The process of meditation makes it possible to unclutter the mind and open up the self to limitless possibilities.